TTMIK Side Gig!


So, as many of you know, back in the DC area I had a super sweet gig working for one of my super sweet besties at Yelp Northern Virginia! I basically got to hang out with my bestest of friends/coworkers – shout out Gretchen & Lauren and meet new people. All while schmoozing and eating deliciousness and drinking additional deliciousness. It was amazing.


Now, I’m in Korea! And, as you guys probably know, I always, for some reason, need to be super duper busy. So, i got myself a morning side gig proof-reading and editing the English materials for Talk To Me In Korean! When I first started learning Korean, I used their website and materials so it’s only fitting that I pay them back!


In addition to keeping me busy, they’re a great group of people who are fun to work with! Last week we took a field trip to a community farm in Gyeonggi-do (경기도)! We were there to film some videos for the website as well as to have fun and grill and eat delicious samgyeopsal (삼겹살) which is pork belly, aka bacon but better!


First things first, we bought meat and groceries!


Watermelon required.


watermelon carrier comes standard with watermelons here. teamwork!

When we arrived at the farm area we were a little bit lost

IMG_5614but eventually we found everyone else – including this pile of puppies.
IMG_5616we started off by picking lettuce and peppers and eggplants in the garden for lunch!

Here’s a tiny little video from the garden:×4

IMG_5621and did some filming there while we were at itIMG_5622while some people filmed, the rest of us readied the food!IMG_5639mmmmmIMG_5663almost there!IMG_5659So hungry…don’t forget the kimchi!IMG_5646

IMG_5647holy moly it looks so good.IMG_5653

IMG_5654alcohol for videos we filmed later!IMG_5667before we could eat, though, several of the TTMIK staff filmed videos describing their particular ways of eating korean bbq. the rest of us drooled on awaiting our turn.IMG_5671finally time to eat! it was so delicious. good job, guys!IMG_5675after we ate, it was time to film the drinking videos! alcohol was consumed and much fun was had! I promise I’ll be able to count faster in Korean…while remembering which number was skipped….eventually. Maybe. Hopefully. But until then, I’ll fail at that particular Korean drinking game.IMG_5676Oh, and did I mention that, not only were there puppies….but there were kittens?

Just like those final kitties, I went home and took a nap! It was so much fun and I’m so lucky to be able to have this kind of experience while in Korea!

Last Friday we had a meetup on the Han River at Mangwon Park! People came from all over the place to meet and hang out with the Talk To Me In Korean crew, and eat chicken and drink beer together (치맥)! There were even people who recognized me, so they said! It was a lot of fun meeting all those Korean learners and hanging out with them!


then it got dark and i didn't have my tripod...but the crowd was huge!

then it got dark and i didn’t have my tripod…but the crowd was huge!

Maybe someday I’ll even be able to speak Korean as well as them :/

But hey, guys, I passed my midterms last week with flying colors so there’s hope for me yet!

I look forward to more fun times with the Talk To Me In Korean crew!

Check us out at!

PS this isn’t sponsored or anything, I just happen to have a cool job and wanted to share it with you guys!


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