Dumulmeori (두물머리)


You ready for some beautimousness? I’ve got some for you. Last week I went east of Seoul to the place where the North and South Han Rivers (Bukhangang River and Namhangang River) merge to create the Han that flows through Seoul, and it was gorgeous!


We drove out there on a weeknight and then I was patiently waited for as I took picture after picture. But how could I not?

I couldn’t get enough of these lotus plants and flowers!

There were white ones


And pink ones


and pods that had lost all their petals


and so much water!



Then, there was this sunset.


I love Korea.

As for me, this week I’m finally tackling my immigration and VISA nonsense. First step, go get my Alien Registration Card tomorrow morning so I can stop carrying my dang passport everywhere.


Second, kind of more fun but definitely more expensive step, is to head out of country to swap my student visa for a teacher visa!

In order to do this I’ll be flying to Hong Kong on Sunday night and staying for a week to ensure that there’s enough time for my visa to be processed! I’ll be flying back eeaaarly Saturday morning! I’m pretty excited and nervous. I’ve never been to Hong Kong and don’t know anyone there. Fortunately, though, my friend Emma knows all about HK and has been giving me tips and tricks. Thanks Emma!! <3

me and emma after visiting the korean festival!

me and emma after visiting the korean festival!

If anyone has some tips or suggestions to enhance my solo week in Hong Kong, let me know, I’m all ears! Especially if that includes the best places to eat. I’m SUPER excited about eating there. Super excited. Like can’t even control the excitement. Drooooooool.



obligatory selfie:



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